Tunable Kernel Parameters

Tunables (or configurable kernel parameters) are kernel variables that permit the working method to be configured to slot particular process wishes, leading to greater functionality and/or extra effective allocation of assets. the best worth for every parameter is frequently decided via the system's specific configuration, the explicit mixture of functions the process runs, and the trustworthiness of method clients: components that fluctuate commonly from process to system.HP makes an attempt to supply average default parameter settings, however it can be worthwhile or useful to change those settings to raised go well with the wishes of your specific system's clients. discuss with the person manpage to acquire specified information regarding any configurable kernel parameter.

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Parameters include: allocate_fs_swapmap and nswapfs. Pseudo-Swap Use of installed RAM as pseudo-swap, allowing virtual memory space allocation beyond the limit of swap space on disk devices. Parameters include: swapmem_on. Variable Page Sizes The size of virtual memory pages can be altered to make swap operations more efficient in particular applications. Parameters include: vps_ceiling, vps_chatr_ceiling, and vps_pagesize. Total System Swap The swchunk parameter determines the size of each chunk of swap area that is created on successive devices or file systems.

Streams streampipes Force all pipes to be streams-based. Manpage: streampipes (5). Streams STRMSGSZ Maximum number of bytes that can be placed in the data portion of any streams message on the system. Manpage: strmsgsz (5). 58 Chapter 10 Streams Subsystem Overview of Streams Kernel Parameters Overview of Streams Kernel Parameters A stream is an I/O pipeline through which serial data passes between the HP-UX operating system and a kernel driver associated with a raw (character-mode) device file and corresponding device such as a terminal or pty.

Selecting an appropriate value for this parameter requires extensive knowledge of kernel operation and system internals. Without such knowledge, do not change swchunk to a nondefault value. Device Swap When devices are connected to the system and configured, part of the disk can be reserved for device swap. The only configurable kernel parameter related to device swap is nswapdev, which specifies how many devices have been configured with space allocated for device swap. Data structure storage space is reserved in the kernel for nswapdev devices.

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