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Occasionally steel is used in some lower frequency equipment, primarily because of its low cost and ease of fabrication. How well these cabinets continue to shield after ageing is not completely known. After steel, aluminium cabinets cost the least to construct. They have good conductivity at high frequencies and good resistance to corrosion. The oxide that forms almost immediately on aluminium is very thin and, once formed, does not get progressively thicker. Salt atmospheres are deleterious to it.

Contact strips for frequently used sliding door Door partially open Metal frame (attached to shield cabinet) Roller Uncompressed metal spring contacts (attached to shield cabinet) Roller Cam Shield cabinet 45 Safety in the use of RF heaters and sealers Door closed Shield cabinet Metal frame (attached to shield cabinet) Compressed metal spring contacts Metal door Roller Cam Vestibules (shielding tunnels) Previously, the design of ports and doors was discussed in some detail. The size and placement of slots in the shield were shown to be critical with regard to leakage of radiation.

1986; Williams and Mild, 1991). g. , 1994). Otherwise, abnormally low or high body current could be recorded with misleading conclusions. Simultaneous videotaping of current readings (metre face) and operator posture are helpful. 3, 1991 a). For reliable induced current measurements the following procedures should be followed: (1) Record the nominal heater operating frequency (see name-plate on heater) and measure the operating frequency of the heater. (2) Measure and record the ankle circumference of the heater operator.

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