Methoxyestradiol by Papaihanassiu A.E., Green S.J., Grella D.K.

By Papaihanassiu A.E., Green S.J., Grella D.K.

2-Methoxyestradiol (2ME2) is a byproduct of estrogen metabolism that was once proven to suppress the expansion of quickly dividing endothelial and tumor cells in vitro and in vivo.

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That turned Albee into a popular figure, and certainly the publicity surrounding the making of the movie version of Woolf helped to keep Albee’s name in the popular magazines. Whatever the cause, Edward Albee: Don’t Make Waves 23 Albee is now the American playwright whose name has become a touchstone, however ludicrously it is used. Thus, Thomas Meehan, writing an article on “camp” for The New York Times Magazine (March 21, 1965), solicits Andy Warhol’s opinion of Tiny Alice (“I liked it because it was so empty”), and William H.

My own reviews, from The Zoo Story (The Reporter, February 16, 1961) to Everything in the Garden (The Reporter, December 28, 1967), have suggested with a decreasing amount of flippancy that there is less to Albee than meets the eye. Although my review of Virginia Woolf (Drama Survey, Fall, 1963) now seems unnecessarily condescending, my general misgivings about Albee as a playwright have not disappeared. What has disappeared, alas, is a letter that Albee sent to The Reporter to straighten me out after my review of The Zoo Story.

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