Great Persian War and It's Preliminaries by George B. Grundy

By George B. Grundy

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Which the earliest pro- fessional soldiery in the Levant had been drawn, did not give up the struggle until about the year 566, well-nigh at the close of Alyattes' reign. The Dorian cities on the coast any seem rate, to have shared they were partners was its fate. On this occasion, at in its adversity. figure of later cast both to pathetic magnificence, destined light and shadow on the historical records of the Greek, first came It into in this prominence. campaign that Croesus, that The mingled admiration and com- miseration of after-time exaggerated his personality into the very type of human fortune and misfortune and the picture of his life as drawn by Herodotus is probably no ; more than a truthful reproduction him which prevailed a century after less the fiction, more of the impression of Neverthethread of fact runs unbroken through the maze of and it is possible to reconstruct his history with reliability his death.

N. The scenery admitted of but one plot, of which the leading motive was disunion. In the present, as in other instances, the Dorian states of the Carian coast went their own way. They threw in their lot with their Carian neighbours. The ^olians and lonians were not the altogether blameless in the matter. They did not at first show a bold front to the Persian, but offered to submit to him on the terms on which they had submitted to Crcesus. Save in the case of Miletus, the largest and most formidable of the towns, Cyrus would not hear of terms and ; so the cities prepared to fight for their liberty.

Paktyas fled to Kyme, and thence to the islands. before nev ; ; : He neither deserved nor received sympathy, and, after by the Chians to the various adventures, was handed over Median commander. With the flight of Paktyas the came to an end in fact, in so far insurrection in Lydia extant records go, the Lydians themselves played but little part in it. The passive and entire submission of this people, their acceptance, once and for all, of the yoke laid upon them, is one of the most extraordinary features of this extraordinary ; as It might well have been expected that a nation time.

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