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The Water Planet, as part of the Glencoe technological know-how 15-Book sequence, offers scholars with actual and entire insurance of Earth’s water assets, from lakes and streams to floor water and oceanography. The powerful content material insurance integrates quite a lot of hands-on studies, critical-thinking possibilities, and real-world purposes. The modular strategy helps you to mix 'n match books to fulfill your curricula.

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22. Poster Use photographs from old magazines to create a poster illustrating a variety of different uses for water in society. Combine your poster with those of your classmates. 23. Letter Write a letter to the local water company asking for suggestions about how to conserve water in the home. With your family’s help, decide whether you will use some of these suggestions in your home. 24. Communicate Use a word processor to produce a brochure that encourages people to conserve water in their homes.

5. Remove the lids and check the jars for algal growth each day for five days. Replace the lids after each observation. Record your observations in your Science Journal. Conclude and Apply 1. Describe any changes, such as color or clarity, that you notice in each solution. 2. Based on your observations, which solution or solutions were best for algal growth? 3. What observations can you make about the solution containing distilled water? 4. Relate your observations to the nutrient makeup and the algae present in lakes.

Hoover Dam blocks the flow of the Colorado River to form Lake Mead. This lake in Equador formed when the top of a volcano collapsed and filled with rainwater. Lake Mead Hoover Dam SECTION 2 Lakes and Reservoirs H ◆ 45 (l)Victor Englebert/Photo Researchers, (r)Lowell Georgia/Science Source/Photo Researchers 537-S2-MSS05_LBH 8/23/04 3:20 PM Page 46 Life in Lakes Figure 12 The depth to which sunlight penetrates into lake water helps determine the types of organisms found in various lake zones. Do you remember the last time you went to a lake?

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