Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessment by E.V. Balian, C. Lévêque, H. Segers, K. Martens

By E.V. Balian, C. Lévêque, H. Segers, K. Martens

This ebook deals a entire research of species- and genus-level range and chorology of the worldwide freshwater fauna up to now. It provides a cutting-edge overview of the range and distribution of Metazoa within the continental waters of the realm.

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Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessment

This booklet bargains a entire learn of species- and genus-level variety and chorology of the worldwide freshwater fauna up to now. It offers a state-of-the-art review of the variety and distribution of Metazoa within the continental waters of the realm.

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The feeding activity is performed by phagocytosis on a high fraction of organic particles and bacteria, and by absorption of dissolved organic matter. Pumping rate is high, S.

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