Easy Main Dishes From Around the World by Heather Alexander

By Heather Alexander

Have you ever had papaya poultry and coconut milk from Tahiti? Or shepherd's pie from England? effortless major DISHES FROM all over the world explores those and ten different enjoyable, easy-to-make recipes. contains pointers on procedure, cooking phrases, and kitchen protection.

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Crack the eggshell against the side of a bowl. Using both hands, pull the eggshell apart over the bowl so the yolk and the white drop into the bowl. Juicing—To get the juice from a lemon, lime, or orange, cut the fruit in half and press it against the top of a juicer until all the juice is out. The juicer will strain out the seeds and leave you with the juice. For most recipes, you can use ready-made juice instead. Preheating—Turn the oven on at least 15 minutes before you need to use it. com Cooking Terms Cooking has its own vocabulary.

Spoon tomato sauce over spaghetti and stir gently until the sauce is spread evenly over the spaghetti. Add Parmesan cheese. Serve warm in bowls with a basil leaf on top. Makes 6–8 servings. com Cook’s Tip Pasta should be cooked al dente (all DEN-tay); this means it should be chewy, not mushy. Break open a piece of cooked pasta. If you see a thin white line or white dots in the middle, it’s not done yet. The inside of the pasta should all be clear yellow. com Wiener schnitzel (VEE-nur shnit-sel) is a special dish from Austria.

Push it against your spoon or the side of your bowl. Twirl your fork clockwise to roll the spaghetti around it so all the strands are tucked in. Raise the fork with the spaghetti wrapped around it and eat. Enjoy! What You Need Equipment: Large pot Frying pan Large spoon Colander Serving dish Ingredients: 2 pounds fresh ripe tomatoes 2 tablespoons olive oil ½ cup chopped onion 3 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped 15–20 basil* leaves, shredded *What’s This? Basil is an herb with large, deep-green leaves.

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