Computers For Smart People by Robert S. Swiatek

By Robert S. Swiatek

A normal booklet on computing, with emphasis on what programming involves.

Table of contents
1. parts of language
2. Our programming language
3. dossier makeup
4. A file program
5. dossier access
6. application abends
7. the net account display
9. extra Modifications
10. Assigning values
11. Updating fields
12. Programming standards
13. The zip code file
14. Programming creativity
15. including files and calling a program
16. The known as application and using
17. Fuzzy math
18. Deleting accounts
19. universal statements
20. Arrays
21. Down within the dumps
22. Base systems
23. Sorting bubbles
24. A software in action

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Sample text

I’m sure you’ve seen numerous examples of technological processes that seemed to be working when in actuality nothing was happening. That was just what was taking place with the purchase order system daily backup and there was no suitable backup. Fortunately, the office where I worked – at the 26 time – had the purchase order system still on their computer. Well, had is the operative word because one of my co-workers deleted it there. He didn’t do a backup first but simply eradicated it. As you can guess, that wasn’t very intelligent.

To update last name, enter 2 and enter 3 to update the account balance. Entering 0 will give you the opportunity to enter another account number. 2) define error-msg character(60) value spaces screen erase screen(1,25) “Account number inquiry / update” screen(3,20) “account number:” screen(5,17) “1. last name:” screen(7,17) “2. first name:” screen(9,20) “middle initial:” screen(11,20) “street address:” screen(13,20) “city:” screen(15,20) “state:” screen(17,20) “zip code:” screen(19,17) “3. ” go to input-number else error-msg = “account file read problem; program ending – press enter” go to end-program end-if end-if get-change: screen(21,1) erase “key 1 (last name), 2 (first name), 3 (balance) or 0 (next)” screen(21,60) input field-no screen(24,1) erase valid-input = 0 if field-no = 1 perform input-last-name until valid-input = 1 else if field-no = 2 perform input-first-name until valid-input = 1 else if field-no = 3 screen(19,36) input new-balance update-switch =1 else if field-no = 0 perform update-check else screen(24,20) field-no “ is invalid” 55 end-if end-if end-if end-if update-check: if update-switch = 1 read acctfile update if acct-status = 3 screen(24,20) “that record is unavailable – no update done” else if acct-status > 0 error-msg = “update problem; program ending – press enter” go to end-program else balance = new-balance first-name = new-first-name last-name = new-last-name write acctfile if acct-status > 0 error-msg = “update problem; program ending – press enter” go to end-program end-if end-if end-if end-if input-last-name: screen(5,36) input new-last-name screen(24,1) erase if index(new-last-name, name-string) = 1 valid-input = 1 update-switch = 1 else screen(24,20) “invalid characters in the last name – try again” end-if input-first-name: screen(7,36) input new-first-name screen(24,1) erase if index(new-first-name, name-string) = 1 valid-input = 1 update-switch = 1 else screen(24,20) “invalid characters in the first name – try again” end-if end-program: screen(24,20) error-msg input end 56 To start with, we have the new variables, field-no, new-last-name, new-first-name, new-balance, update-switch, valid-input, and the structure name-string.

After all you don’t want a file designed that requires long waits by the users in getting at the data. You also don’t need redundant data, as a field that occurs twice in the file just uses precious space. You also don’t want to keep changing the file definition month after month. This means time needs to be spent on analysis and design. In our account file our key may actually be larger than we need but that is something that needs research. I recall a system that I worked on that had three positions for a transaction code when two might have been sufficient since there weren’t any transaction codes bigger than 99.

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