Chairman Mao Would Not Be Amused: Fiction from Today's China by Howard Goldblatt

By Howard Goldblatt

Chairman Mao wouldn't Be Amused is a exhibit for 20 writers from the recent literary iteration in China. Hard-core realism, experimental prose, and black humor; exoticism and eroticism;shocking stories of brutality, smooth evocations of affection, and engrossing mysteries all coexist in an anthology that spans approximately a decade, ten years that experience witnessed a dizzying array of societal and political alterations. just about all of the tales seem in English translation for the 1st time. comprises Shi Tiesheng, “First Person”; Hong Ying, “The Field”; Su Tong, “The Brothers Shu”; Wang Meng, “A String of Choices”; Li Rui, “Sham Marriage”; Duo Duo, “The Day I acquired to Xi’an”; Chen Ran, “Sunshine among the Lips”; Li Xiao, “Grass at the Rooftop”; Yu Hua, The earlier and the Punishments”; Mo Yan, “The Cure”; Ai Bei, “Green Earth Mother”; Cao Naiqian, “When i feel of You past due at evening, There’s not anything i will Do”; Can Xue, “The Summons”; Bi Feiyu, “The Ancestor”; Yang Zhengguang, “Moonlight over the sector of Ghosts”; Ge Fei, “Remembering Mr. Wu You”; Chen Cun, “Footsteps at the Roof”; Chi Li, “Willow Waist”; Kong Jiesheng, “The sound asleep Lion”; Wang Xiangfu, “Fritter hole Chronicles.”

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