Artificial Intelligence by K.D. Pavate

By K.D. Pavate

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Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XIX

Within the final many years info modelling and data bases became sizzling themes not just in educational groups concerning info platforms and machine technology, but additionally in enterprise parts the place info expertise is utilized. This booklet contains papers submitted to the seventeenth European-Japanese convention on details Modelling and data Bases (EJC 2007).

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The Turing Test and the Frame Problem: Ai's Mistaken Understanding of Intelligence

Either the Turing try and the body challenge were major goods of dialogue because the Nineteen Seventies within the philosophy of synthetic intelligence (AI) and the philisophy of brain. even though, there was little attempt in the course of that point to distill how the body challenge bears at the Turing attempt. If it proves to not be solvable, then not just will the try out now not be handed, however it will name into query the belief of classical AI that intelligence is the manipluation of formal constituens lower than the keep watch over of a software.

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A large science has grown up around this probabilistic concept in problem solving and is known as the Fuzzy Set Theory. B Scope and Extent y the late 1940's machines to assist man with mathematical calculations had reached an advanced stage of development. At that time many scientists began to ponder over the possibility of constructing machines which could think. They got encouragement from the developm e n t of a m a c h i n e c a l l e d ENIGMA by Alan Turing. This machine was designed during the War to decipher coded German messages.

In rule-based systems the knowledge-base can be modified by adding, deleting or changing the rules. * Understanding is also easy since the production rules are extremely readable. Frames : A frame is a method of representing objects and their relationships in the form of columns and rows. It is useful since the method envisages breaking down objects or situations i n t o their constituent parts. These parts are entered in corresponding slots in! the -'frames. The A PROBLEM SOLVER 53 slots can be further subdivided for more detailed structuring.

However, to find the optimal solution one has to traverse almost all the nodes. This is a very time-consuming method particularly when there are long branches to be searched and they do not contain the solution. Breadth-first search: The 'breadth-first' strategy is the opposite of the depthfirst method of searching. Here all the nodes at the same level are searched before proceeding to the next deeper level. The advantage of adopting the breadth-first technique is in situations where the solution is close to the surface.

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