Arms and Armour in Antiquity and the Middle Ages by Paul Lacombe, Charles Boutell

By Paul Lacombe, Charles Boutell

A variety of illustrations, many from assets now misplaced, again up a close dialogue of world-wide advancements in armor from the earliest occasions, and guns from the Stone Age to early firearms and cannon.

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Royal Armoury, Madrid 266 Fig. D. 1453-1515. Royal Armoury, Madrid 267 Fig. Moorish Adargue: 15th Century 267 Page x Page Fig. Italian Helm of the 16th Century 268 Fig. Italian Shield of the 16th Century. Both in the Artilllery Museum, Paris 268 Fig. Group of Four Helms in the Russian Imperial Museum 269 Fig. Polish Arms and Armour. In the Imperial Russian Museum 270 Fig. Group of Mongolian Arms and Armour. In the Artillery Museum, Paris 271 Fig. Group of Japanses Arms and Armour. In the Artillery Museu, Paris 272 Fig.

CELTIC ARMS. races various other methods for joining different substances with great strength and firmness. We ourselves, civilised as we are, do not suspect to what good account a simple knot may be turned; and, more particularly, we generally are altogether ignorant as to the number of the varieties that it may be made to assume. We, in England, may believe without any hesitation that our own remote ancestors, in common with the remote ancestors of the French of the present day, all of them at least equally endowed with the savage islanders of the Pacific, understood, as these savages now understand, all the complicated knots, all the clever methods for producing Page 16 good joinings which are able to render to man such signal service.

To him, as to his predecessors, the use of metals is as a sealed book. He continues, after the fashion of what to him was the olden time, to hunt and to make war, equipped and armed with knives and axes and arrows of flint. M. Boucher de Perthes, who speaks with the highest authority on all points connected with the weapons of the "Stone Period," positively affirms that weapons of the same class, all of them formed of silex, may be assigned without hesitation, some to the ages anterior to the flood, and others to the post-diluvian pre-historic era.

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