ARM cross development with Eclipse version 2 by Lynch J.P.

By Lynch J.P.

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Click on “Run – External Tools – Organize Favorites” Now click on “Add…” in the Organize External Tools … window and follow that by checking “OCDremote” in the Add External Tools Configurations: window. Click on “OK” to add the OCDremote to the list of favorites.

Since all operations are called from within Eclipse, we don’t need a “desktop icon” either. Click “Next” to continue. Click on “Install” to start the GNUARM installation. Sit back and watch the GNUARM compiler suite install itself. When it completes, the following screen is presented. Make sure that “Add the executables directory to the PATH variable” is checked. This is crucial. This completes the installation of the compiler suites. Since Eclipse will call these components via the make file, you won’t have to think about it again.

7 Downloading the GNUARM Compiler Suite At this point, we have all the GNU tools needed to compile and link software for Windows/Intel computers. It is possible to use all this to build a custom GNU compiler suite for the ARM processor family. W. Edwards ©2003 describes how to do this and it is rather involved. com have come to the rescue with pre-built GNU compiler suite for the ARM processors. Just download it with the included installer and you’re ready to go. Click on the following link to download the GNUARM package.

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