Application-Specific Integrated Circuits by Michael John Sebastian Smith

By Michael John Sebastian Smith

Complete e-book on ASICs describes the newest equipment in VLSI-systems layout, ASIC layout, utilizing advertisement instruments and pre-designed mobilephone libraries. Covers either semicustom and programmable ASIC varieties. DLC: Application-specific built-in circuits.

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Edu ) is more oriented toward devices, processes, and materials but contains links to other VLSI industrial and academic areas. com under Business_and_Economy in Companies/Computers/Software/Graphics/CAD/IC_Design . edu ). edu/ece . gov/dmg/jpl/loc/asic ) has an extensive online ASIC guide, developed by the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, that covers ASIC management, vendor evaluation, design, and part acceptance. 9 References Alvarez, A. R. ). 1993. BiCMOS Technology and Applications. Norwell, MA: Kluwer.

9 The transistor layers. (a) A p -channel transistor as drawn in layout. (b) The corresponding silicon cross section (the heavy lines in part a show the cuts). This is how a p -channel transistor would look just after completing the source and drain implant steps. 10 The interconnect layers. (a) Metal layers as drawn in layout. (b) The corresponding structure (as it might appear in a scanning-electron micrograph). The insulating layers between the metal layers are not shown. Contact is made to the underlying silicon through a platinum barrier layer.

Assuming there a four transistors per gate equivalent, what is the price ● ● per gate? b. Find out the cost of a 1 Mb, 4 Mb, 8 Mb, or 16 Mb DRAM. Assuming one transistor per memory bit, what is the price per gate of DRAM? c. Considering that both have roughly the same die size, are just as complex to design and to manufacture, why is there such a huge difference in price per gate between microprocessors and DRAM? ) A relatively new cousin of the embedded gate array, the inverse-embedded gate array , is a cell-based ASIC that contains an embedded gate-array megacell.

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