Anything That's Peaceful: The Case for the Free Market by Leonard E. Read

By Leonard E. Read

"My thesis," Leonard learn informs us during this impressive e-book, "in least difficult phrases, is: enable someone do whatever he pleases, as long as it's peaceable; the position of presidency, then, is to maintain the peace." simply so. This publication is a vintage, compelling assertion of the political philosophy of libertarianism and assertion of the guiding rules of the basis for fiscal schooling.

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Last, we relied on people who thought they saw some advantage to themselves in loaning the money for the tools, labor, and material. With our reliance on the peaceful procedures of the market, we built more square feet of housing per person than was ever built in any other country at any other time. Yet, despite this remarkable accomplishment, more and more people are coming to believe that the free market should be shelved and that, in its stead, government should use its police force to take the income of some and give it, in the form of housing, to the government's idea of the needy.

Add the time it takes for numerous decisions to travel from the brain to the hands and feet, and it becomes plain that if drivers operated this way, one w·reck would follow another. Any person who knows how to drive has succeeded in relegating driving's countless motions to the control of something akin to the autonomic nervous system. To know requires that one's responses become as automatic as breathing or writing; that is, become conditioned reflexes. Now, consider a situation in which the relationship between decision and action is greatly complicated: a gunman in the back seat employing his thinking to command even the minutest actions of the driver.

He bought a paid-up annuity, one that would return him 1,000 francs per month beginning in 1964. In 1914, the year of purchase, he could have lived quite handsomely on this amount. Yet, in 1964, the thousand francs will buy no more than a skimpy, low-grade meal, pretty poor fare for a whole month! This fictional catastrophe, in no way exaggerated, was brought about by an inevitable inflation in the name of social securi ty. The validi ty of this line of reasoning is confirmed historically: Only 35 years ago the take of earned income by government in Russia was 29 per cent; in Germany, 22 per cent; in England, 21 per cent.

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