And No Birds Sing: Rhetorical Analyses of Rachel Carson's by Craig Waddell

By Craig Waddell

Craig Waddell offers essays investigating Rachel Carson’s influential 1962 ebook, Silent Spring. In his foreword, Paul Brooks, Carson’s editor at Houghton Mifflin, describes the method that led to Silent Spring. In an afterword, Linda Lear, Carson’s contemporary biographer, remembers the tip of Carson’s lifestyles and descriptions the eye that Carson’s ebook and Carson herself obtained from students and biographers, consciousness that concentrated so minutely on her lifestyles that it detracted from a spotlight on her paintings. The foreword by way of Brooks and the afterword through Lear body this exploration in the context of Carson’s existence and work. Contributors are Edward P. J. Corbett, Carol B, Gartner, Cheryll Glotfelty, Randy Harris,  M. Jimmie Killingsworth, Linda Lear, Ralph H. Lutts, Christine Oravec, Jacqueline S. Palmer, Markus J. Peterson, Tarla Rai Peterson, and Craig Waddell. jointly, those essays discover Silent Spring’s effectiveness in conveying its demanding message and the rhetorical techniques that helped create its vast effect.  

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All three of these features were also underdetermined by the historical context within which they were immersed, suggesting, again, the value of allying appeals with prevailing concerns. ) 6. Linda Lear notes, however, that William F. Longgood's 1960 exposé, The Poisons in Your Food, did achieve some popular success (Witness 371). Works Cited Aristotle. Rhetoric. Trans. W. Rhys Roberts. New York: Modern, 1954. Bercovitch, Scavan. The American Jeremiad. Madison: U of Wisconsin P, 1978. Bookchin, Murray [Lewis Herber] Our Synthetic Environment.

The explanation may not have instilled great confidence, however. "Radioactivity in the atmosphere," he wrote, "decreases rapidly and the 'fall-out,' or settling of airborne radioactive particles, is hastened by rain or snow. The latter factor has caused upstate New York areas such as Rochester and Buffalo to be called 'radiation sewers'" (Laurence; see also "Bomb Tests"). In May 1953, Utah stockmen blamed the Nevada tests for the unexpected deaths of more than one thousand ewes and lambs. C. Denies").

Carson herself suffered from a host of ailments that continually competed for her attention and energies. Nevertheless, despite her family responsibilities and ill health, she continued with her work. S. Department of Agriculture's program to eradicate the fire ant and a Long Island suit seeking to stop aerial spraying of private land with DDT (Lear, Rachel Carson 312). In January 1958, Carson's friend Olga Huckins wrote a letter to the editor of the Boston Herald and sent a copy of the letter to Carson.

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