An ice cream laboratory guide by Fisk, Walter Warner.Ellenberger, Howard Bowman

By Fisk, Walter Warner.Ellenberger, Howard Bowman

Гид лаборатории мороженогоПредмет: Мороженое, лёд, и т.д - topic: Ice cream, ices, and so on

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Remarks Comments on ice to TEMPERATURE Pounds Gallons Weight per gallon Per cent fat it should gelatin used? completed freeze MIX Was That freezing F. cream after it is hardened: AN 28 ICE CREAM LABORATORY GUIDE HARDENING ICE CREAM cream may be of the highest quality when rethe freezer and yet be ruined before it becomes hard enough to ship unless the hardening is properly accomplished. The two principal methods in use are the salt and ice method and the artificially cooled dry hardening room where the cans of ice cream are simply set in a very cold room and hardened by still Ice moved from or circulating cold air.

Take two samples, perferably from different packing cans of ice cream from the same freezer, and determine the per cent, of swell by the method given in Bulletin 241 of the Wisconsin Station as fohows: Take a 50 cc. sample of ice cream with the sampler furnished you and transfer to a 300 cc. beaker, using exactly 200 cc. of hot water to melt it. Then transfer all of this to a 250 cc. Florence flask and add 1 or 2 cc. of ether (measured) to reduce the foam. Next add enough water measured from a burette to fill the flask The ether and water required represent to the mark.

No. 2. 5 quarts milk 1 quart 30% cream 8 eggs 2}4 pounds sugar 6 tablespoonfuls flour I3/2 ounces of vanilla or to Follow directions given for No. % taste 1. AN 42 ICE CREAM LABORATORY GUIDE No. 3. 2 quarts 30% cream 4 quarts of milk 3 pounds of sugar 1^ quarts Minute Tapioca yolks of 4 eggs 1 teaspoonful salt 4 teaspoonfuls lemon extract 2 teaspoonfuls rose extract Cook the tapioca in two quarts of milk for 10 minutes, then add the rest of the milk, the sugar and salt. Cook ten minutes longer.

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