An Encyclopaedia of Pacifism by Aldous Huxley (ed.)

By Aldous Huxley (ed.)

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A market vendor examines onions in Castries. The market is regulated by the government. N ONGOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS AND OTHER A SSOCIATIONS by girls than boys in school may affect gender parity in positions that demand education and training. Numerous civic organizations like Rotary and Lions clubs are present, along with many church-affiliated organizations. Older organizations like friendly societies, once found in all communities, have become less important in recent times. Development activities and training in this sphere are overseen by the National Research and Development Foundation, an NGO that receives government support and operates training programs for entrepreneurship.

Stubbs Greathead Bay E New Sandy Bay Soufrière Mts. 4,048 ft. 1234 m. Wallibou W Espagnol Point Owia Milligan Cay S BEQUIA Port Elizabeth Derrick Caribbean Sea Battowia I. Isle a Quatre Baliceaux I. ND S Dovers Each of the ethnic minorities has been successfully integrated into the nation state and a Vincentian identity. All ethnicities intermarry with the black majority, although the Barbados-descended local whites of Dorsetshire Hill are said to be more reclusive. LA Mustique IS Petit Mustique Savan I.

Basic health care is free or low cost to all, but any special services and all surgery are expensive. Many of the poor forgo operations that would be considered necessary in other countries. S ECULAR C ELEBRATIONS The two most important events in the Vincentian calendar are Christmas and Carnival. There are, besides, twelve national holidays throughout the year: New Year’s Day, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Day (22 January, celebrating the discovery of the islands by Columbus), Good Friday, Easter Monday, Labor Day (1 May, also known locally as ‘‘Fisherman’s Day’’), Whit Monday, CARICOM Day (celebrating the Caribbean common market), Carnival Tuesday, August Monday (1 August, Emancipation Day), Independence Day (27 October), Christmas Day, and Boxing Day (26 December).

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