American Signatures: Semiotic Inquiry and Method (Oklahoma by Thomas A. Sebeok

By Thomas A. Sebeok

255 paper again booklet on Semiotic Inquiry.

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Of forty thousand antecedent generations of humans, less than one-thousandthabout a century and a halfproduced the actors in this domestic saga. The first one hundred years or so of this period are already a matter of more or less detailed, if nonetheless controversial, record, on which this essay may throw a different light. As to the most recent third, I remain, if not an altogether innocent bystander, at least one living witness. Any inquiry of this sort must of course yield a highly eccentric, not to say idiosyncratic, narrativeor even a quirky one.

Two other versions are also in preparation: another article version, which will differ in several substantive particulars from this one, and a book-length version that will appear first in Italian, in a series titled Strumenti, edited by Umberto Eco for Bompiani (Milan), and afterward in English and other languages. < previous page page_21 next page > < previous page page_22 next page > Page 22 cepts play the part," in the Saussurean mode, "of the signifying and signified respectively" (Lévi-Strauss 1962b:18).

T. Fann, himself the author of the first serviceable monograph on Peirce's theory of abduction (1970). There is no question that Johnson was well aware of, indeed was indebted to, the passage at the end of John Locke's 1690 Essay Concerning Human Understanding, later adopted by Peirce as well, about the Doctrine of Signs (A. Johnson 1947:15). " (1947:15). This is not the place to reappraise Johnson's always subtle, always fascinating, if sometimes flawed, reflections upon "the relation [as he phrased the topic in the subtitle of his Treatise on Language] which words bear to things," on the philosophy of language, especially semantics, and on a host of other perennial semiotic conundrums.

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