American PT Boats in World War II by Victor Chun

By Victor Chun

An illustrated examine of the improvement, building, strategies wrestle activities of PT boats, many drawings, diagrams, plans, profiles images.

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E fi CLEAT --1rt---=:-----"-ooL+ KArcH -\:-+-v EIIT TO £N(,INE ROO"' tesy of the Robert Ferrell. LE"T MA ..... ~---8ULLNOSE '-L~f-~--- 8ULlNOsE £Ico and Higgins boars were rhe rwo main rypes used. This side by side drawing clearly shows rhe differelJ1 deck arrangemell1 ofrhe rwo boars. Courtesy of the PT Boat Museum. 90 The bridge, or cockpir, was rhe only area ofrhe boar prorecred by sreel armor plares. The officers. infairness 10 rhe men srarioned ourside rhe bridge, had rhe armor piares removed ro boosr rnorale.

In 1939, Higgins Industries, Inc. received a contract to build the 81 fool PT 5 and PT 6 of the Sparkman and Stephens design. The Scott-Paine 70 fool boat was purchased from England by Elco and subsequentLy designated PT 9. Courtesy of the PT Boat Museum. 70 71 Chapter 10: Early Development American PT Boats in World War II PT20 was rhefirstlarger 77 Joot boar to cany rheJour standard 21" diarnerer torpedo tubes. 72 knots Jor rhe 190 rnile course. Courtesy of the PT Boat Museulll. PT 9 was modified ro Unired Stares Navy configuration.

APPR.. of unusually large barges is encountered, it is doc- '2 BOAT lNGTHS. e. 50YDS 1 30 Division V. Courtesy of lhe Uniled States Navy. ings perpendicular to the bearing of barges for approach to attack, and for boats to turn into column, parallel to the barges, and open fire on order. This is "'0 to permit all boats to open fire at once and to present ~. as many different targets as possible to the enemy, rather than to have all barges return fire concentrated on the lead boat. The use of tracers has a lot to do with the inaccuracy of the enemy's return fire.

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