Algebraic, Extremal and Metric Combinatorics 1986 by M. M. Deza, P. Frankl, I. G. Rosenberg

By M. M. Deza, P. Frankl, I. G. Rosenberg

Because of papers from Algebraic, Extremal and Metric Combinatorics 1986 convention held on the collage of Montreal, this publication represents a accomplished evaluation of the current nation of development in 3 similar components of combinatorics. issues lined within the articles comprise organization shemes, extremal difficulties, combinatorial geometries and matroids, and designs. all of the papers comprise new effects and plenty of are large surveys of specific parts of analysis.

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7) (iii) If X is a t-design as well as an a-distance set in M, (iv) then t < 2s. 1(iv) holds when we replace . Sd by M. ) (v) If X is a tight 2s-design in M, coincides with the set of the polynomials R0 (x). s s then A(X) zeros of the On Extremal Finite Sets in the Sphere and Other Metric Spaces Here we use the following notation: d N • m( 2m + 1), « • 0 or 1. m 22 1 = 2(K: R), ("" s - e). 8)bis Qj (x) , j•O q(q+1) ••• (q+a-1) Qi(x) e: k :E and for a(q) = q(q-1) ••• (q-a+l), (qa) a>l. Q~(x) (e: • 0 or 1) here are different from the Sd) in the previous section, although all of them are Jacobi polynomials of certain (different) parameters.

On a packing and covering problem. Combinatorics. §, 69-78. Europ. J. J. K. M. Desa CNRS, Paris, France. M. Singhi Mehta Institute ot Fundamental Research, Allahabad, India. etric groups and seta ot permutations of an infinite ~~et. (These are a generaliaation of sharply t-tranaitive groups and seta). We prove non-eziatence of •roupa, and give constructions of seta, for certain parameters. This work waa done while the authors were visiting the Ohio State University, to whom we express our gratitude.

London Math. Soc. 9 (1977), 261-267. 32. H. Morikawa, Some results on harmonic analysis on compact quotients of Heisenberg groups, Nagoya Math. J. 99 (1985), 45-62. 33. A. Neumaier, Combinatorial configurations in terms of distances, T. H. E. (Eindhoven) Memorandum 81-90, 1981. 34. P. Seymour and T. Zaslavsky, Averaging set: A generalization of mean values and spherical designs, Advances in Math. 52 (1984), 213-240. 35. G. Szeg8, Orthogonal Polynomials, 4th edition, Amer. Math. Soc. , 1975. 36.

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