AIDS and Complementary & Alternative Medicine: Current by Leanna J. Standish ND PhD Lac, Carlo Calabrese ND MPH,

By Leanna J. Standish ND PhD Lac, Carlo Calabrese ND MPH, Mary Lou Galantino PT MS PhD

This complete source compiles the most recent clinical details with regards to complementary and replacement treatments and the remedy of HIV/AIDS. It offers the most recent study within the components of homeopathy, healing contact, handbook drugs, foodstuff, and circulation remedy for individuals dwelling with HIV/AIDS. The distinctive examine demanding situations which are concerned about the medical review of complementary and replacement medicinal drugs are mentioned, and the authors provide new insights into the complicated pathogenesis of AIDS. a part of the scientific courses to Complementary & substitute medication sequence.

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20 This case is quite different from that observed in the synergism between alcohol and barbiturates. Alcohol and barbiturates are each capable of causing death in large quantities but 34 AIDS AND COMPLEMENTARY & ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE can cause death when taken together in relatively small amounts. Their effects are more than additive. Synergism in tum must be contrasted with progressive accumulation of exposures to immunosuppressive agents, in which the effects would be purely additive. According to a cumulative exposures or an antigenic overload theory of AIDS, immune destruction is the simple result ofimmunological depletion.

Sonnabend pointed out the politically unacceptable observation that gay men and intravenous (IV) drug abusers who contracted HIV were also characterized by multiple, concurrent infections from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs); chronic infecrions from viruses known to be immunosuppressive, such as herpesviruses, cytomegalovirus (CMV), and hepatitis viruses; very high rates of antisemen antibodies that cross-reacted with and killed T cells; and the use of drugs, such as heroin, morphine, cocaine, and nitrite inhalants that have immunomodulatory effects.

Crude fresh extracts, to which many clinical herbalists are partial, are susceptible to deterioration. In the most sophisticated systems of botanical medicine preparation, a product 21 is standardized for a number of ingredients-for some guaranteeing a minimum concentration and for others a maximum concentration. This is true of the Ginkgo biloba extract, for example, which has been the most studied: Standardizing constituents may present complications. For instance, active ingredients in plants are often classes of molecules, like polysaccharides, saponins, or terpenes, which are difficult to distinguish in biological activity.

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