Afro-Bets 1 2 3 Books by Cheryl Willis Hudson

By Cheryl Willis Hudson

The Afro-Bets 123 ebook uniquely offers numbers 1 via 10 for childrens to find with the fun-filled, alluring Afro-Bets little ones. The impossible to resist, colourful characters shape their numbers in whimsical, motivating illustrations. each one creatively formed quantity is strengthened by way of phrases and images

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Under it is the Malpighian layer (3) with its numerous cells and the orifice of a sweat duct (4). Under that lies the Corium (5) with its nerve papillae (6), small blood vessels (7), and fat cells (8). We see how the mosquito’s proboscis (9) sticks into the skin. In the smaller of the two quarter circles in the right hand bottom corner we can now just see the bacterium (10). 1 cm. 01 cm. = 10−2 cm. 5 millimeters or 500 microns. This is the last domain of scale in which an impression of color can be gotten by the human eye.

If so, let us hope that many will make it!

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