Africa (Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Volume 1) by Ruth M. Stone

By Ruth M. Stone

Explores key issues in African track that experience emerged in contemporary years-a topic frequently overlooked in country-by-country coverage
emphasizes the contexts of musical performance-unlike experiences that supply static interpretations remoted from different appearing traditions
presents the clean insights and analyses of musicologists and anthropologists of various nationwide origins-African, Asian, ecu, and American
Charts the movement and impact of musicThe Encyclopedia also charts the musical interchanges that the circulate of individuals and concepts around the continent, together with:
cross-regional musical impacts all through Africa
* Islam and its influence on African song
* unfold of guitar track
* Kru mariners of Liberia
* Latin American affects on African song
* musical interchanges in neighborhood contexts
* crossovers among well known and standard practices. Audio CD integrated.

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