Adventure on Tugboat River (A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT POPUP by Grandreams

By Grandreams

Pop-up Storybook

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Serena chuckled and petted me on the head. “Well, I’m sure that’s what it felt like, Elijah. That’s the funny thing about Lullabeetle Silk. Folks will toss and turn in their sleep and get all tangled up in the stuff . . and you know how remedies can play tricks on the mind. ” I glanced over at the cot. Strands of silk jittered in the breeze. ” Serena leaned in close and dropped her voice to a whisper. “Clever people are prone to an excess of imagination. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve always been afraid of the dark myself.

Serena had said the scales should go away in a week or so, but it was hard not to worry. And why were they so infernally fixed on my chin, anyway? What had Agnes intended that powder to do? Anything could happen in this horrible nightmare place. Anything. I heard a motor start up. I peered out of the knothole next to my bed just as the Runabout lurched from its parking spot and sputtered across the barnyard. I groaned in despair. My aunts’ customers were finally headed home. Without me. Agnes had locked the shed door, spoiling my plan to sneak a ride in the girls’ truck.

I don’t like my eggs runny. ” “Chicken coop’s out back of the barn,” added Serena. She took her sister by the arm. “If you see any black eggs, just leave them be. ” Then they hurried up the hill and disappeared toward the house. 56 } ! 57 } As soon as they were out of sight, I stepped outside and sat on the stoop. Dragonflies buzzed over the cattails. A gassy smell wafted in over the marsh water. My head was reeling and my chest was heavy as a millstone. How had I ended up way out here in the middle of this swamp, trapped with these creepy aunts who I’d never even heard of until now?

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