Advances in Genetics by M. Demerec (Eds.)

By M. Demerec (Eds.)

This quantity in a sequence on genetics, emphasizes the variety of genetic experiences. Articles conceal the filamentous fungus neurospora, biogenesis of yeast ribosomes, evolutionary genetics of fish, drosophila transposable parts and the dropophila gene zeste.

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Accumulation of nuclear substance (n) and cytoplasm (c) in the region where the spore will be formed. 101. Prespore ( p ) with its nuclear element (n). In the sporangium remnants of the nuclear subRtance (in black) which has partidly disappeared. Biochemical CIenetics of Neurospora N . H . HOROWITZ Kerckhof Laboratories of Biology. California Institute of Technalogy. Pasadena. California. CONTENTS I . Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . I1. @tology and Genetics . . . . . . . .

The fact that growth occurs on either substance implies that the mold can synthesize one when given the other. A comparison of the quantities of the two substances necessary for maximum growth suggests that the effect of nicotinic acid on tryptophane synthesis is 8 catalytic one, whereas the function of tryptophane in nicotinic acid synthesis is that of a precursor. These quantities are, for tryptophane, about 125 micromoles per liter and, for nicotinic acid, only 5 micromoles per liter. At the present time, nothing more is known about the role of nicotinic acid in tryptophane synthesis.

Choline Two genes controlling the synthesis of choline are known in Neurospore. for choline synthesis by the other. The intermediate has been isolated and identified as monomethylaminoethanol (Horowita, 1946). 8 The probable pathway of choline synthesis in Neurospora. The first two methylations are known to be gene-controlled. little doubt, on tzhe basis of this finding, that the synthesis of choline proceeds by the stepwise methylation of aminoethanol (Fig. 8). The two genes control the first and second methylations respectively.

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