Advanced Graphics with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum by Ian O. Angell, Brian J. Jones

By Ian O. Angell, Brian J. Jones

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Remember that rr radians is the same angular measure as 180 degrees. 3, a very popular design, is constructed by joining each vertex of a regular N-sided polygon (an N-gon) to every other vertex. N is not greater than 30 . 1) , are chosen so that the design fits neatly on the screen. If one of these vertices lies on the positive x-axis (the horizontal), then the N vertices are all of the form (COS (ALPHA), SIN(ALPHA)), where ALPHA is an angle 21fI/N and I is chosen from 1,2, . , or N. 6. Furthermore, since the program uses these values over and over again, it is sensible to store them in arrays and access them when required by specifying the correct array index.

Complete Programs I. 1: no data required. II. 2 : no data required. 26 III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. XIII. XIV. XV. XVI. 3: no data required. 4: no data required. 5: no data required. 6: no data required. 7: no data required. 8: press keys around character "F" to move point in one of eight directions, press "P" to start leaving a trail and "Q" to stop trail. 9: no data required. 10: no data required. 11: no data required. 12: no data required. 13: no data required. 14: no data required.

IF AS = "m" AND CMOVE THEN LET RMOVE = 1 : LET CMOVE 0 : LET HS = "v ": RETURN REM tu rn Left ( i f worm is not going right ). IF AS = "i " AND RMOVE THEN LET RMOVE = 0: LET CMOVE -1 : LET HS = "<": RETURN REM tur n right ( i f worm is not goi ng Left ). 403~ 4039 4040 4049 4050 4059 = Graphics Operations of the ZX Spectrum = 4060 IF A$ "k" AND RMOVE THEN LET RMOVE : L ET H$ " >": RETURN 41H0 RETURN = =0 : L ET CMOV E 25 =1 50fJfJ 50fJ9 5010 5020 5029 5030 5038 5039 5040 5049 5050 5060 REM gobbLe REM eat ta rget, make gobbL ing noises.

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