Advanced Bash scripting guide Rev1.4 by Cooper M.

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Bin/bash ROOT_UID=0 # Only users with $UID 0 have root privileges. " updatedb /usr & # Must be run as root. wait # Don't run the rest of the script until 'updatedb' finished. # You want the the database updated before looking up the file name. locate $1 # Without the wait command, in the worse case scenario, # the script would exit while 'updatedb' was still running, # leaving it as an orphan process. exit 0 Optionally, wait can take a job identifier as an argument, for example, wait%1 or wait $PPID.

Rmdir Remove directory. The directory must be empty of all files, including invisible "dotfiles", [1] for this command to succeed. mkdir Make directory, creates a new directory. mkdir -p project/programs/December creates the named directory. The -p option automatically creates any necessary parent directories. chmod Changes the attributes of an existing file (see Example 11-9). chmod +x filename # Makes "filename" executable for all users. chmod u+s filename # Sets "suid" bit on "filename" permissions.

The BSD version does not use brackets (tr a-z A-Z), but the SysV one does (tr '[a-z]' '[A-Z]'). The GNU version of tr resembles the BSD one, so quoting letter ranges within brackets is mandatory. fold A filter that wraps lines of input to a specified width. This is especially useful with the -s option, which breaks lines at word spaces (see Example 12-19 and Example A-2). fmt Simple-minded file formatter, used as a filter in a pipe to "wrap" long lines of text output. Example 12-19. Formatted file listing.

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