Advanced bash-scripting guide by Mendel Cooper

By Mendel Cooper

This record is either an instructional and a reference on shell scripting with Bash. It assumes no prior wisdom of scripting or programming, yet progresses speedily towards an intermediate/advanced point of guideline. The workouts and heavily-commented examples invite energetic reader participation. nonetheless, it's a paintings in growth. The goal is so as to add a lot supplementary fabric in destiny updates to this rfile, because it evolves right into a finished e-book that fits or surpasses any of the shell scripting manuals in print.

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2. File test operators Returns true if... 2. File test operators 42 Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide file is a pipe −h file is a symbolic link −L file is a symbolic link −S file is a socket −t file (descriptor) is associated with a terminal device This test option may be used to check whether the stdin ([ −t 0 ]) or stdout ([ −t 1 ]) in a given script is a terminal. −r file has read permission (for the user running the test) −w file has write permission (for the user running the test) −x file has execute permission (for the user running the test) −g set−group−id (sgid) flag set on file or directory If a directory has the sgid flag set, then a file created within that directory belongs to the group that owns the directory, not necessarily to the group of the user who created the file.

Construct. 3. Comparison operators (binary) 46 Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide if [ "$a" \< "$b" ] Note that the "<" needs to be escaped within a [ ] construct. > is greater than, in ASCII alphabetical order if [[ "$a" > "$b" ]] if [ "$a" \> "$b" ] Note that the ">" needs to be escaped within a [ ] construct. See Example 26−4 for an application of this comparison operator. −z string is "null", that is, has zero length −n string is not "null". The −n test absolutely requires that the string be quoted within the test brackets.

String1="a = b" if [ $string1 ] # Again, $string1 stands naked. " fi # Not quoting "$string1" now gives wrong result! exit 0 # Also, thank you, Florian Wisser, for the "heads−up". Example 7−6. /bin/bash #View gzipped files with 'most' NOARGS=65 NOTFOUND=66 NOTGZIP=67 if [ $# −eq 0 ] # same effect as: if [ −z "$1" ] # $1 can exist, but be empty: zmost "" arg2 arg3 then echo "Usage: `basename $0` filename" >&2 # Error message to stderr. exit $NOARGS # Returns 65 as exit status of script (error code).

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