Abraham Lincoln: Civil War President (Famous Figures of the by John F. Grabowski

By John F. Grabowski

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Troops. As part of the treaty ending the war, the United States received a large parcel of land. It stretched all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Many Americans disagreed with the Mexican War. Abe was one of them. He felt the United States had been the aggressor, rather than the Mexicans. He spoke out against President Polk in the House of Representatives. Abe believed Polk had started the war to capture Mexican territory. Abe’s stand angered many Illinois voters. They felt he was taking the enemy’s side.

The dedication was set for November 19, 1863. The main speaker that afternoon was the former governor of Massachusetts, Edward Everett. When he had finished his two-hour speech, Abe stepped up to the platform. He gave a short twominute speech. It has gone down as possibly the Victory and Tragedy most famous in American history. In his Gettysburg Address, Abe stated his beliefs about the war. It was being fought, he said, to preserve the nation that had been created in 1776. The government was based on certain ideas and principles.

They simply did not want it to be allowed to spread to the West. Even though Abe hated slavery, he accepted it as the law of the nation. In 1858, the Republicans nominated Abe to run against Stephen Douglas for a seat in the Senate. While campaigning in Springfield, Abe cautioned that slavery could destroy the nation. “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” warned Abe. ” Abe suggested that the two men meet in a series of debates in the fall of 1858. Douglas agreed. The seven debates captured the nation’s attention.

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