ABC at the Park by Rebecca Rissman

By Rebecca Rissman

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Captions provide additional information for more advanced readers. A B C Ever y d Alpha ay bet is for apple tree is for bench is for caterpillar Titles in the Everyday Alphabet series: ABC at Home 978 1 406 24088 7 ABC at the Park 978 1 406 24087 0 ABC at the Shops 978 1 406 24086 3 ABC in Nature 978 1 406 24089 4 About the au Rebecca R thor issman has written over 100 books for y oung readers. H er favourite letters are Q and Z!

How many different things beginning with each letter can you find? Here are some ideas to help you! Ff 30 Pp Dd Ll Ss 31 Index apple trees 4 benches 5 caterpillar 6 dog 7 easel 8 fence 9 grass 10 hat 11 insect 12 joggers 13 kite 14 lake 15 marigolds 16 32 nest 17 oak tree 18 picnic 19 quiet 20 rope 21 swing 22 table 23 umbrella 24 volleyball 25 wheelbarrow 26 X marks the spot 27 yo–yo 28 zigzag bridge 29 C B A ark P e h t t a Do you know the alphabet? It’s easy to learn! Look around you at the park and see if you can find things that begin with each letter.

H er favourite letters are Q and Z!

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