(A) Prophet in Debate: The Rhetoric of Persuasion in the by Karl Moller

By Karl Moller

An research of the literary constitution and rhetorical problem that caused the construction of the ebook of Amos. Moller argues that the ebook captures and offers the controversy among Amos and his 8th-century viewers. whilst learn within the gentle of Israel's fall, the presentation of Amos suffering (and failing) to persuade his contemporaries of the approaching divine punishment features as a strong caution to next Judean readers.

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251 (my italics). 106. Bitzer, 'Rhetorical Situation', p. 250. 107 However, in addition to the modification of this rather general view made in the previous paragraph, it needs to be stressed that I am not concerned here with the prophets' original speeches. 108 Having said that, however, the question arises as to whether the notion of rhetoric as a reaction to a specific historical exigency can be applied to books, which, after all, are rather different in nature from public speeches. This question can be answered in the affirmative because, as Eagleton emphasizes: rhetoric, which was the received form of critical analysis all the way from ancient society to the eighteenth century, examined the way discourses are constructed in order to achieve certain effects.

The former has been placed at the centre of rhetorical-critical interest by Bitzer, as we have seen above. However, it is given much attention also by advocates of discourse analysis such as Green or Callow, who promotes what he calls a 'semantically or cognitively oriented theory'. g. 138 They clearly demonstrate a close affinity with rhetorical-critical concerns. 139 In speaking of the poet's desire to 'move' his audience, Wendland even takes up what we shall see to be one of the technical terms of rhetorical-critical analysis.

For a critique of Patrick's interpretation. Introduction 23 The discipline of rhetorical criticism is on the agenda of Old Testament studies largely because of Muilenburg's often referred to 1968 presidential address to the Society of Biblical Literature. It was published a year later in JBL, under the title 'Form Criticism and Beyond'. As the title indicates, Muilenburg and his followers developed rhetorical criticism primarily as a means to overcome the shortcomings of form criticism. Muilenburg complained, for instance, that 'there has been a proclivity among scholars ..

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