A Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal

By R.S. Aggarwal

This e-book includes all kinds of questions requested in a number of aggressive examinations; totally solved examples with explanatory answers;Published within the 12 months 2012, a latest method of Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning is a ebook that's geared in the direction of permitting its readers to higher their reasoning talents and crack this part in aggressive examinations.

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The dean would brook no interference with his disciplinnary actions. Brittle:easily broken,difficult. My employer's brittle personality made it difficult for me to get along with her. Broach:Introduce,open up. He did not even try to broach the subject. Brazen:Insolent. Her brazen contempt for authority angered the aooicials. Brandish:Wave around,Hourish. Doctor watson wildly brandished his gun until Holmes told him to put the thing away before he shot himself. Brunt:Main impact or shock. Tom sawyer claimed credit for painting the fence,but the brunt of the work fell on others.

9)Coda :Concluding section of a musical composition Usage:The piece concluded with distinctive coda that strickingly brought together various motifs. 10)Connoisseur :Person competent loverof an art. to act as judge of art,A Usage:She had developed into a connoisseur of fine chdna. Synonyms- D Synonyms- D 1)Dabble : Work at in a non serious fashion ,splash around Usage:The amateur painter dabbled at art , but seldom produced a finished pece. 2)Dally :Tritle with. Usage:Lourtes told Ophelia that Hamlet would only dally with her affections.

12)Ensconce:Settle comfortably Usage:Now that children were ensconced safely in the private school. 13)Ensue: Follow Usage:he evils that ensured were direct result of the miscalculations of the leaders. 14)Entail:Require , necessitate ;involve Usage: Building a college level vocabulary will entail some work on your part. 15)Entreat:Plead , ask earnestly. Usage: She entreated her father to let her stay out till midnight. 16)Eon:Long peroid of time , on age Usage:It has taken Eons for our civilization to develop.

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