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In the country of the blind, gives Theorem 1 (H. G. Wells). In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. The statement of the theorem may contain mathematical expressions, of course. 42 TEXbook: 202–203 A TEX intro (Canadian spelling) Section 5: No math anxiety here! 27 Typeset: Theorem (Euclid). There exist an infinite number of primes. 28 Typeset: Proposition 1. n n i=1 Xi ≤ 1 n n i=1 Xi with equality if and only if X1 = · · · = Xn . 9 Matrices Matrices are typeset using combinations of the alignment character & and the control word \cr to indicate the end of the line.

So, for example if {\bf three boldface words} appears in your text, the opening brace starts the group, the \bf control word changes to a boldface font, and the closing brace finishes up the group. Upon completion of the group the font being used is the one in effect before the group started. This is the (easier) way of having a few words in a different font. It’s also possible to have groups nested within groups. As another example, size changes can be made in the text that are only temporary.

If \hangafter is positive then it determines the number of lines at full width before the indentation starts. 75 inches from the left. 75 inches from the right and the rest will be at full width. TEX resets to the default values \hangindent = 0 pt and \hangafter = 1 after each paragraph. These control words are useful for paragraphs with “hanging indents” and for flowing a paragraph around space reserved for a figure. The control word \hang at the beginning of the paragraph will cause the first line to be of full width (\hangafter=1) and the rest of the paragraph to be indented by the current value of \parindent.

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