A Concise Introduction to Logic (10th Edition) by Patrick J. Hurley

By Patrick J. Hurley

Tens of hundreds of thousands of scholars have discovered to be extra discerning at developing and comparing arguments with the aid of Patrick J. Hurley. Hurley's lucid, pleasant, but thorough presentation has made A CONCISE advent TO good judgment the main normal common sense textual content in North the USA. additionally, the book's accompanying technological assets, similar to CengageNOW and studying common sense, comprise interactive routines in addition to video and audio clips to augment what you learn within the ebook and listen to in school. briefly, you'll have the entire information you must turn into a extra logical philosopher and communicator.

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And so are elms, poplars, hawthorns, and alders. These selections are not arguments, because they make no claim that anything is being proved. In the first selection, the word “thus” indicates how something is done— namely, how chemical elements and compounds can be represented by formulas. ” It pins down the meaning by providing concrete instances. However, as with expository passages, many illustrations can be taken as arguments. Such arguments are often called arguments from example. Here is an instance of one: Although most forms of cancer, if untreated, can cause death, not all cancers are lifethreatening.

Hence, since to love any thing is nothing else than to will good to that thing, it is manifest that God loves everything that exists. 1 Arguments, Premises, and Conclusions 9 1 1 15. Women of the working class, especially wage workers, should not have more than two children at most. The average working man can support no more and the average working woman can take care of no more in decent fashion. (Margaret Sanger, Family Limitations) ★16. Radioactive fallout isn’t the only concern in the aftermath of nuclear explo- sions.

The concept of team sports has failed to do this. Rather than learning to interact and cooperate with others, youngsters are taught to compete. Team sports have only reinforced the notion that the team on top is the winner, and all others are losers. This approach does not make sports appealing to many children, and some, especially among the less fit, burn out by the time they are twelve. (Mark I. Pitman, “Young Jocks”) ★4. College is the time in which a young mind is supposed to mature and acquire wisdom, and one can only do this by experiencing as much diverse intellectual stimuli as possible.

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