A Basis that Reduces to Zero as many Curvature Components as by Klinger R.

By Klinger R.

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Tim Bradshaw for libel. Bradshaw's 'crime' was to reveal in the Times that Longley was part of a Catholic conspiracy against the 'Church' of 'England'. The war that had been waged silently for so long looked like it was going to become an issue of debate within the foreign media, presenting a thorny problem for Westminster even if coverage of it was stifled in the British press. What was needed was a diversion, and the 'bizarre' death of Tory MP Stephen Milligan was cooked up by British intelligence as a wheeze to take the heat out of the interest rogue media elements were showing in the battle between the Crown and the Vatican.

Once again, the spooks were taunting the ignorant masses with a hint of how the world is really run. British intelligence was horrified by this murder, and was particularly worried about the effect it would have on low ranking agents. Once the spooks had recovered from their shock, they began to use the press to spread disinformation about Rusbridger being a fantasist who'd never worked for MI6/SIS. Rather unsurprisingly, nothing appeared in print about Rusbridger being bent and the hours he spent on the phone making obscene calls to men he'd met in London pubs.

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