A 3-Fold Vector Product in R ^8 by Zvengrowski P.

By Zvengrowski P.

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1). On the other hand, stealth techniques, including target shaping and the use of radar absorbing and non-metallic materials, may significantly reduce the RCS of targets. The RCS of complex objects may vary with the target aspect that is viewed by a radar having a wavelength significantly smaller than the object dimensions. This is a consequence of signals from individual scatterers on the target adding in- or out-ofphase as the aspect changes. The viewing aspect may change as the target rotates, or as the radar LOS changes as the target moves relative to the radar (or as the radar moves relative to the target).

11 seconds. If the radar frequency remained constant, the target RCS would likely remain nearly constant during the radar viewing period. On the next observation, 5 seconds later, the RCS would likely be uncorrelated with the previous observation. • Pulse-to-pulse decorrelation. The target signal is assumed to be independent for each observation. This could be the case for rapidly-fluctuating targets, or for radar such as phased-arrays that views targets at a low observation rate. 11 seconds. 0 second, the RCS values for successive observations would likely be decorrelated.

4 Phased arrays that are mechanically steered to position their electronic-scan field-of-view (FOV), in the desired direction. Dish antennas having feed horns similar to small-phased arrays. This allows limited electronic scanning of the beam (usually limited to a few beamwidths). Rotating parabolic antennas or phased-array antennas that generate multiple, stacked beams in elevation. 2). Waveform Types The waveforms that a radar transmits and receives determine its capabilities for target detection, and particularly for measurements and observations.

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