30th Punjabis (Men-at-Arms, Volume 31) by James Lawford

By James Lawford

This ebook examines the uniforms, gear, historical past and association of the thirtieth Punjabis, from 1857 to their provider in global struggle II. Uniforms are proven in complete illustrated detail.

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The peaks were veiled in cloud. The air strike was postponed until ten o'clock while everyone studied the clouds anxiously watching for the first sign of a break. Suddenly the skies began to clear and, punctually at ten, flights of Vengeance dive-bombers roared into view. One by one the aircraft peeled off to come screaming down on the peaks. As their 500-lb. bombs exploded, great clouds of dust momentarily obscured the view; then the summits reappeared, to show tall trees tumbling to the ground.

In hot weather a white monkey jacket which hooked at the neck, white overalls and a red sash were worn. (Photographed by R. B. H o l m e s of Peshawar) H3 Sepoy, fighting order, 1943 This Sikh sepoy is in fighting order for the Frontier. He is in shirt-sleeves with the khaki drill shirt worn outside his shorts as was customary in the Regiment. The buttons on this shirt are of brown bone. The short puttees have replaced the long, and are worn here with a pair of 'chaplis' or Indian sandals. These are of brown leather, have no heel but a leather thong in its place.

The Colonel decided to send two companies down into the valley on a wide outflanking movement to come in on the Japanese from their flank and rear. While this move was in progress the gunners were to bombard the crest with a very slow rate of fire to be followed by a feint attack straight along it to keep the attention of the Japanese focused on the ridge. m. 'A' and 'C' Companies started to descend into the valley; to avoid disclosing their movements from the inevitable noises of switched-on radio sets, they preserved wireless silence.

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