30-second Theories: The 50 Most Thought-provoking Theories by Paul (Ed). Parsons

By Paul (Ed). Parsons

In terms of huge technology, only a few issues are conclusively recognized. From Quantum Mechanics to average choice, what we have now as an alternative are theories - rules clarify why issues ensue the way in which they do. we do not recognize for sure those are right - not anyone ever observed the massive Bang - yet with them we will be able to paint attractive, breathtaking photos of every little thing from human behaviour to what the longer term could carry. Profiling the major scientists in the back of each one conception, "30-Second Theories" offers every one access in a distinct, crowd pleasing full-colour layout, with thought-provoking extras and classy illustrations. it truly is crucial for somebody partial to increasing their brain with science's such a lot exciting rules.

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Macrocosm The big picture—a model that reflects the functioning of a system on the largest of scales. mass A measure of the quantity of matter in an object. “Mass” and “weight” are often used interchangeably, but weight is really a measure of the pull of gravity on the object. In everyday terms, the “mass” and “weight” of an object are effectively the same on Earth, but on the Moon, the same object’s mass is unchanged, while its weight is reduced by 85 percent by the lower gravity. matter The stuff of the Universe, which fills space and can be measured in some way.

But, because it is entangled with its distant partner, we also force the other photon to make the same choice. This happens instantaneously, even if the two photons are now millions of miles apart. 3-SECOND THRASH How the fate of a particle in a subatomic experiment can instantaneously affect another on the opposite side of the Universe. 3-MINUTE THOUGHT Quantum entanglement is more than just theoretical waffle and philosophical gobbledegook. It is leading to the realization of several exciting and emerging technologies, such as quantum computing, unbreakable codes, and even tele-portation!

Ecology can be used to describe the way members of the same species relate to each other as they compete or cooperate to control resources. It also builds up a picture of the relationships between species, creating a model called an ecosystem. genetics The study of genes. The term gene has two main definitions. The first is a unit of inheritance. This perhaps relates best to the most popular concept of a gene in use today. When people say that they have the gene for red hair, we all understand that they mean they inherited this characteristic from their parents, and will pass it on to their own children.

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