2100 Needed Inventions by Raymond F. Yates

By Raymond F. Yates


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357. A little device to make realistic sounds for toy animals. 358. A carpet sweeper handle so arranged that the operator may reach under beds without bending. 359. A simple device to prevent bath tubs from overflowing. 360. An ash tray that will be absolutely free from odor. 361. A new post hole digger that will automatically discharge the loose dirt as it is turned and that will not have to be removed from the hole until the job is finished. 362. An adjustable ring for children that can be accommodated to the growth of fingers.

576. A method of opening large vaults from the inside to overcome the danger of time locks and threat of suffocation. 577. A smoking pipe that does not have to be broken in either by the smoker or the manufacturer. 563. A man's garter that can be cleaned. 578. A cheap, accurate thermometer that can be sold in the five and ten cent stores. The present instruments of this inexpensive type are very poor. 564. A freight car coupler that will not pull out regardless of load. 579. A method of using rubber or other sound-absorbing mount· ings on subway trains to prevent noise.

Up the laying of hardwood floors. 625. Stamp dealers are looking for a little machine with which stamps might be hinged for mounting in albums. It would help them with their approval sheets. 637. A toy gun that will be harmless yet supply a very loud report when the trigger is pulled. 638. Stuffing for baseball gloves that will retain its shape and will not pack. 639. A paint brush that will prevent paint from accumulating in the shank and drying there. 640. A dry-cleaner's identification tag that will remain firmly fixed to garments during the cleaning process, but which can [86] [87] 2 I 00 NEEDED INVENTIONS GENERAL PROBLEMS easily be removed by the customer without breaking fingernails or using tools.

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