101 Alphabet Activities by Lisa Schwimmer Marier

By Lisa Schwimmer Marier

Each ebook gains a hundred and one instructing rules concerning the subject of its name. actions span a number of curriculum parts together with math, language improvement, technological know-how, artwork, track and extra

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For example, write the word hat. Challenge children to think of a word that rhymes with that word. Write the new rhyming words under the first word, highlighting the first letter. Provide lots of examples, such as cat, fat, mat, bat, pat, and so on. Talk about the new beginning letter and its sound. ©© School Specialty Publishing McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing 31 1-57029-485-2 101 Alphabet Activities Language and Literacy 33 QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS! Materials Paper Crayons or markers Activity Emphasize that the word question begins with the letter q.

You must stop making noise. Ready. ” Note: Be sure to make a time limit for noise making! ©© School Specialty Publishing McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing 57 1-57029-485-2 101 Alphabet Activities CHAPTER 6 Visual Arts 66 COLORS OF THE ALPHABET Materials White drawing paper Tempera paint Paintbrushes Stapler Activity Provide paper and paint for children and invite them to paint different colors on different sheets of paper. For example, children can paint the entire page red, paint different red designs, or paint red objects.

Then have children, one at a time, walk across the paper. At the end of the paper, provide warm soapy water and towels. Help children rinse off their feet, dry them, and put their shoes and socks back on. When the “paint walk” is dry, hang on a wall of the classroom. Variation: You can also do this with water on the sidewalk. Then children can watch their “walkway” disappear. For younger children: Ask children where they walk (at home, to school, at the store, in the park). Emphasize that the word walk begins with the letter w.

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